Welcome on GamesPIT.net

The GamesPIT website is an early-alpha experimental project offering a public editable games database, using the PHP-written Bludit FlatFile content management system. However, we don't want to create the biggest games database out there, since this website is mainly used for testing out many systems and functions, which we may use in one of our future Bludit plugins.

So this website is just a testing platform?

No,... Yes,... Partly! Of course, we wouldn't build up such a complex platform just to test one or two of our plugins. We decided to develop GamesPIT for itself as well as for our Bludit Projects and directly combine our both hobbies: programming and gaming. Hopefully, by using a widespread hobby, more people will become aware of this, which leads to more interaction and, of course, better test conditions.

So it's a win-win-win situation :D

Other Platforms offer way more possibilities?

This website has been written down within 5 days, we know it is currently far away from perfect. We will extend and upgrade the website in a continuous manner, following a non-existing Roadmap. Topics like sorting games by developer / publisher, adding more developers / publishers on a single game, allowing creating "Franchises" and connecting games, adding a search bar, finish the profiles, allow writing reviews and articles and all this stuff will be added in future updates.

Can I request a feature?

YES! We are working on dozens of features, all of them building within the Bludit Environment in mind, which means that they may get published as open source plugin for the use on your own Bludit site too. So you can request any feature you can imagine (... and we can implement) and we'll try our best to make this possible. Write us your feature requests using our contact form, and we will respond within 7 days, hopefully.

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